un|der [ `ʌndər ] function word ***
Under can be used in the following ways:
as a preposition (followed by a noun or number):
There are piles of books under my desk.
The total cost of the project is just under $3 million.
The technology has been under development since the early 1980s.
as an adverb (without a following noun):
Jump into the water and see how long you can stay under.
Children aged five and under can get in for half-price.
1. ) below or covered by something
a ) directly below or at a lower level than something:
We took shelter under an oak tree.
What are you kids doing under the table?
You might like to place the dish under a hot grill just before serving.
from under: Charlotte saw a light coming from under the door.
b ) covered by something:
She was wearing a money belt under her sweater.
I found the letter under a pile of books.
plants growing under plastic sheeting
c ) moving to a place that is below something or covered by it:
I think the ball rolled under the sofa.
Everyone ran under the trees when it started to rain.
She slid under the quilt and closed her eyes.
d ) passing below something from one side to the other:
We drove under the bridge and came out on Elm Street.
The cord will have to go under the table and behind the couch.
e ) below the surface of water:
The ducks kept diving under the water to catch fish.
He was the first person to claim there was oil under the North Sea.
She jumped in the pool and went under.
2. ) less than less than a particular amount or younger than a particular age:
Anyone can buy the railpass, but you have to be under 26 to get the lower price.
Together they control just under 50% of the company.
A visa is not required for a stay of under three months.
The car can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under six seconds.
The nursery is open to children aged four and under.
3. ) affected by something in the process of being affected or controlled by a particular action, situation, or state:
The ship came under attack from enemy aircraft.
A number of proposals are under consideration.
The building is still under construction.
Costello's business dealings have been under investigation by the FBI for months.
I've been under a lot of stress at work lately.
Police claim the situation is now under control.
Evidence suggests that the driver of the car was under the influence of drugs.
4. ) when particular conditions exist used for saying that something happens when particular conditions exist:
His older brother was forced to leave Hong Kong the year before under similar circumstances.
The U.N. inspectors would be allowed access to the eight sites, but only under certain conditions.
under the circumstances: Under the circumstances, Kane felt he had no option but to resign.
5. ) according to a rule according to a particular law, agreement, or system:
Under the terms of the agreement, our company will receive 40% of the profits.
The boy is considered a minor under British law.
All individuals have basic human rights, that are recognized under international law.
6. ) when someone is in power or control used for stating that something happens when a particular person or government is in power:
The book describes life in Russia under the Soviet regime.
Under the current administration income tax rates have not changed.
The church has doubled in size under Layton's leadership.
7. ) having a particular manager, teacher, etc. if you work or study under a particular person, they are your employer or teacher:
I've worked under a few managers in my time, and Mr. Laurie is undoubtedly the best.
He studied under Chomsky in the 1960s.
8. ) receiving medical treatment receiving some type of medical treatment:
Several players are under treatment for injuries.
Taylor is under doctors' care for high blood pressure.
under sedation/anesthetic: Many of the victims were under sedation after the attack.
9. ) believing that something is true believing that something is happening or is true, especially when you are wrong about this:
be under the impression/delusion: I was under the impression that Faye had paid for the trip herself but it seems I was wrong.
10. ) unconscious unconscious after being given a drug to prevent you from feeling pain:
The nurse was still speaking as I felt myself going under.
11. ) using a particular name using a particular name in official situations, often a name that is not your own:
Carson had been traveling under a false name.
Wight's books, published under the pen name James Herriot, became best-sellers.
Ms. Hay has continued to work under her maiden name since her marriage.
12. ) where something can be found if something is under a particular section, word, letter, etc., this is where it can be found:
Look under Section Q and you'll find all the details.
Those forms are in the filing cabinet under Miscellaneous.
The tickets should be under the name Carlson.
13. ) in a sign of the Zodiac during a particular period of the ZODIAC:
I was born under the sign of Taurus, the bull.
under someone's control/influence/spell
strongly influenced by someone, so that you do what you think they want, or you copy them in some way:
Murphy was very dominant and had the other boys completely under his control.
It's clear Bill is under her spell he'll do anything she says.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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